What is OLX fraud and how do you save yourself from it?

My wife posted an ad on olx to get rid of our treadmill which was just lying around at our place for no reason (don’t ask why😂) and within few minutes she got calls from 2 different persons offering to buy it immediately without even seeing it. They both did not even care about the condition of the equipment or the price. One of them even offered to buy it for few thousands bucks more than the price we quoted. So we asked him to come and take a look at it but he didn’t even bother to consider it and offered to pay the half of the amount via google pay, now here is the catch: instead of sending money directly to your number, he sends a QR code and asks us to scan it on google pay To receive the money. IT’S THAT SIMPLE! Meanwhile the other person calls and he too offered the same amount as the other person was offering and via same mode of payment Google pay. I got confused as well as suspicious about it and started wondering what is so special about this treadmill that people are so desperate to buy and ready to pay more than the quoted price.
Now i have 2 QR codes which i need to scan on google pay in order to get paid but wait..on scanning the code gpay is showing the transaction as debit and asking to enter the pin. This is it! One more step forward and i am 12.5k short.
I called him to confront and now to make me trust him, he sends another QR code to receive 5 rs only. This time i asked my wife to transfer all the money to another account and Then attempt that transaction and bravo...transaction failed due to insufficient balance.
Now there is no doubt in my mind that I am the one who is paying for what i want to sell.
Then comes the bitter part where he calls me again and starts hurling abuses because i did not even give him 5 rs😂
So beware of such fraudsters who impersonate as army men and offer to buy or sell things on olx and try to scam you😊


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