Stock brokers 👆👆👆

This is a list of stock brokers listed on nse/bse with their active client numbers, complaints received against them. This list is updated monthly. Keep it handy. link

👃 Choose a broker who doesnot have a/ or has closed his proprietary trading license/account.
Eg: Finvasia, Fyers

Zerodha, Upstox are proprietary traders. Tiger Global picks up 31% stake in Upstox.

Broker is a middleman between
1) the exchange (nse/bse) and the investors/traders.
2) Depositories (nsdl/cdsl) and the investors. Therefore he is also known as the "depository participant".

Therefore he is needed to do these 2 things for you.
1) give you a trading platform to trade in securities.
2) and provide you a demat account to store your securities.

You should use your own email/ mobile for aadhar, pan, banks, demat, IT portal because you get otps and you can have access to these otps.


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