stock market 🍑

🌺 Sensex could be at 1,00,000 by 2028-2030.
🎁 Ril - jio, online/e-commerce, they have diverse businesses to take care of risks.
🍓 irctc - monopoly business, no competitor.
🍒 hdfc bank - No 1 private sector bank.
🍈 Ashok leyland - Leading Bus Manufacturer, Big orders Given By The Government.
🍬 TCS - IT sector leader.
🌾 Ultratech cement - the largest cement manufacturers
🍧 HDFC - received 9.9 percent stake in Bandhan Bank.
Itc - 50% income comes from cigarette business.
Mutual funds - The fund manager and the company makes profit from day 1 and they only make profit no loss, because they get commission even if the fund is in loss. Because their income is the commission that they generate as fund house and it doesnot depend on what happens to the money invested in the fund. They donot invest their own money in the fund u have.


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