Can you explain how a typical stock market scam takes place, using a simple and easily understandable analogy?

The most nasty scam which I have seen in stock markets during my career of 12years in stock markets as a Trader,Stockbroker,Arbitrager have taught me how,Big fish(Promoters of company,Stakeholders,stockbrokers,Chartered accountants)Play with faith and wealth of small investors. I learnt this scam during initial days of my CA articleship. Here comes the detailed story of how this scam takes place,In Marwari community we call it “Jama kharchi” Supose I am a person who have a Tax liabilities of say 10Cr occurred from sale of property,business income etc.Now I do not want to give the entire amt. 10Cr. Loss in stock markets can be set off against business profit.I will let my Auditing firm know about my intentions of saving tax. Next,My CA who is in contact with some listed company’s unethical promoters.He explain the scenario of me to them.Next comes,The role of dishonest promoter of said Listed company! The deal made is that,I will buy say 20Cr worth shares of xyz company @100 from my t…

Which are some of the best blue chip Indian stocks for long term investment?

Do remember that just because the market capitalization is high now, doesn’t mean that the company will not fail or will not have a down turn. Reliance Industries is a very good example of it. It was the Bluest of Blue Chip companies in 2008–09 and it went into a bear phase for such a long time, that it took almost 8 years to regain its stock price and market capitalization. In Apr 2006, when the Sensex hit 12,000 mark, the 30 Sensex stocks were: ACC, Bajaj Auto, Bharti Tele, BHEL, Cipla, Dr Reddy's, Gujarat Ambuja, Grasim, HDFC, HDFC Bank, Hero Honda, Hindalco, HLL, ICICI Bank, Infosys, ITC, L&T, Maruti, NTPC, ONGC, Ranbaxy, Reliance, Reliance Energy, Satyam, SBI, Tata Motors, Tata Power, TCS, Tata Motors and Wipro. In 2017, when the Sensex hit 30,000 mark, the 30 Sensex stocks were: TCS, Reliance Industries, HDFC Bank, Infosys, ONGC, Coal India, SBI, ITC, HUL, Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki, Sun Pharma, ICICI Bank, L&T, Bharti Airtel, Axis Bank, NTPC, Wipro, M &M, Bajaj…

What is OLX fraud and how do you save yourself from it?

My wife posted an ad on olx to get rid of our treadmill which was just lying around at our place for no reason (don’t ask why😂) and within few minutes she got calls from 2 different persons offering to buy it immediately without even seeing it. They both did not even care about the condition of the equipment or the price. One of them even offered to buy it for few thousands bucks more than the price we quoted. So we asked him to come and take a look at it but he didn’t even bother to consider it and offered to pay the half of the amount via google pay, now here is the catch: instead of sending money directly to your number, he sends a QR code and asks us to scan it on google pay To receive the money. IT’S THAT SIMPLE! Meanwhile the other person calls and he too offered the same amount as the other person was offering and via same mode of payment Google pay. I got confused as well as suspicious about it and started wondering what is so special about this treadmill that people are so …

हिरव्या मुगाचे पौष्टिक सुप

एक वाटी भिजलेले मुग कुकर मध्ये दोन कप पाणी घालून वाफवून घ्यावेत, गार झाल्यावर त्यातले 2-3 चमचे मुग बाजुला काढून बाकीचे मिक्सर मध्ये घालून बारीक पेस्ट करून घ्यावी, मग एका पॅन मध्ये अर्धा चमचा तेल टाकून गरम करावे व त्यात अर्धा चमचा जिरे घालावे, जिरे तडतडले का त्यात मुगाची वाटलेली पेस्ट घालून थोडे  पाणी घालावे,  बाजूला काढून ठेवलेले मुग  घालावे आणि ऊकळी आली का त्यात चवीनुसार मीठ, चवीनुसार मिरपूड, एका लिंबाचा रस, 1/4 चमचा हिंग घालून 2-3 मिनिटे ऊकलावे.
गरमा गरम बाऊल मध्ये काढून  अर्धा चमचा बटर आणि बारीक चिरलेली कोथिंबीर घालून सर्व करावे.

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🔆 migratory birds dead in Rajasthan's sambhar lake.🔆 moe birds were found dead in jodhpur's khinchan area. 🔆 tiger poaching.

Chutneys 🍒🍬🍧🍎🍉🍓🍑🍅🌽🍪🍨🍌🍋🍫🍮🍑🍈

🌺 Pudina chutney 🌸Pudina + kothimbirGreen chilli + ale + jeere Grind Lemon juice + salt.
🍑 Sukhya khobaraychi chutney 🍈 Sukha khobara tukde karun ghene Lasun agadi thoda, jeere, laal mirchi pud, salt, thodi sugar Grind
🌽 Sabudana vada Sabudana + laal mirchi pud + jeere + ekdum thoda shengdana kut Ukadlele batate kisun ghalane Salt Changale malne Deep fry
ओली shengdana chutney Shengdana kut + laal mirchi pud + jeere + salt + water Grind


🌾 🍪 As per RBI guidelines, Only transactions of saving oriented nature are permitted in savings account. Business / Commercial transactions are not permitted in the Savings Accounts. If such transactions are noticed in the savings account then the bank may close the savings account with prior notice.

🍨 Cash withdrawal limit from other bank domestic ATM is Rs. 10,000 per transaction.
🍧 Debit/Credit Card, NetBanking Transaction alerts are mandatory alerts, mandated by the RBI. These alerts have to be sent by the bank, even if the customer has not subscribed to the SMS alerts facility. Mandatory Alerts will not be charged and are sent free of charge.
For the all other credit/debit entries, cheque related alerts and other miscellaneous alerts, banks have decided to charge the customer if the customer wants these alerts. The customer can choose to be alerted by either 'sms' and 'email' or both.
But customers will be charged only i…